Task Scheduler

This tool is used in the task management software to create and add a task. Each new task can be assigned to a particular person or under a certain context. By organizing tasks appropriately, efficiency is increased as users know exactly what needs to be accomplished and which tasks can be delegated.

A Task Scheduler Can:

  • delegate a task
  • organize daily tasks
  • view tasks under certain categories
  • view accomplished tasks
  • schedule recurring tasks on unlimited time frames
  • organize tasks by importance
  • organize tasks by due date
  • create tasks
  • view delegated tasks

Benefits of using a Task Scheduler

Organization is one of the biggest benefits of using a Task Scheduler because a person's tasks can all be in one central location. Having tasks in one place allows a person to look at all the tasks which need to be accomplished thus reducing the risk of potentially forgetting important tasks.

Scheduling of tasks is another major benefit because when a person has a new task to record, the current task scheduler can be referenced. The user will look at the current task list of particular days and can then decide on which day the task should be assigned. This benefits a person because it reduces the potential of becoming too overwhelmed with tasks. Web Based Task Delegation, another benefit of a task scheduler, is a favorite among users. Tasks can be assigned to current Taskenstein members or non members via an email address. This is a useful feature as the task is assigned, but remains in the originator's task list for future monitoring.

Scheduling a Task

Scheduling a task is very simple with the Task Scheduler. In the account section, the user will see a hyperlink for "Add New Tasks". Clicking this link will open a box with some required data fields. The task can be titled with a name as well as assigned to a context such as, work or home. The importance level will be selected as well as predicted time involvement and cost. The due date can be set or left blank if preferred. The "add" button will add the task to the requested context and it will immediately appear in the scheduler.

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