Task Manager Software

This particular software provides the capability for a company or project manager to monitor the task or tasks of employees. A manager can track the assignments assigned to particular employees as well as the completion level. Task Manager Software provides the ability to pull a report on all tasks completed and unfinished. The software is an efficient project tracking device designed to help people stay on schedule.

Task Delegation

With the task manager software, a project manager may assign individuals certain tasks. The manager will log into the software, create a task with assigned due date and task specifics, and delegate the task to a particular employee. Delegating a task with the task manager software helps in time management of a project. Additionally, the manager can request certain individuals complete particular tasks. Specifying tasks to certain individuals benefits the project as individuals all have certain strengths. Web Based Task Delegation enables the project manager to use an employee's strengths appropriately which will increase the success rate of a project.

Task Manager Software Features

This software has particular features beneficial to helping a company in its efficiency. Taskenstein's software includes:

  • Recurring tasks
  • Project and time budgeting
  • Easy data entry
  • Task and job data fields
  • Progress monitoring tools
  • Task calendar
  • And much more

Task Default Options

A company often has many of the same tasks required to be completed on a weekly basis. Taskenstein's Task Manager Software has a default task option. This option allows the task to be created every week with the same default data. For example, a task which requires the same budget and amount of time every week will have these figures set as default data. This default option allows a manager to create weekly tasks quickly and assign them accordingly thus increasing time management and efficiency.

Task Reporting

The reporting feature of the software enables the manager to receive current project updates. Reports can be accessed on which tasks remain opened, tasks with nearing deadlines, tasks assigned to individuals or groups, past due tasks, and many other kinds of reports.

Taskenstein Task Management Software is user friendly and an effective time management and delegation tool.

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