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We're created this to help you get the most out of using Taskenstein, if you have any questions please contact support


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Creating a Task

Completing a Task

Changing Default Settings

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Assigning Tasks

Using the Quadrant

Sorting Tasks



Creating a Task (Back to the Top)

Creating a Task is easy and has been streamlined to make it as easy as possible. Take the following steps to create a task:

Click on "Add New Tasks"


The New Task form will be displayed


Enter the Task name and due date.


You can enter the due date by typing the date:


Or you can use our handy shortcuts:

"d" makes a task due in x days

"w" makes a task due in x weeks


Select the context for the task from the dropdown:



If you'd like to assign a task to a Taskenstein member take the first option, or if you'd like to assign it to a non member select the second option:


At this stage you can save the task, or you can proceed to the optional fields. These optional fields assist with categorizing and sorting tasks:

Select Important and Not Important from the dropdown:


Enter the effort you think it will take to complete the task:


Enter the price for doing something. This could be how much money you'll make for doing the task, or how much it'll cost you to do it:


Repeating tasks are great for those things that you'd forget to do otherwise. Change the oil in your car, remember an anniversary, wish someone a happy birthday etc.


To complete adding the task and add more tasks click on the "Add" button:


or click on the "Add & Close" button:

Congratulations! You're done adding your first task!

Completing a Task (Back to the Top)

To complete a task simply click on the check box in the same row as the task. The example below shows a task that has not been completed, and a completed task. Notice that the details for a completed task are greyed out and the checkbox is darkened.

Task completion



Settings (Back to the Top)

Taskenstein.com has powerfull configurable settings that allow you to see things the way you want to see them. Change your default order, remove or add columns , and set task filters are just a few things that you can change with a few clicks of a button.

Set Timezone

Task Assignments

New Task Defaults

Task Table Display

Task Filter

To adjust your default settings click on the "settings" button in the top right hand side:

Settings My Account and Logout button



Set Timezone (Back to the Top)

The first setting is your timezone. To adjust your timezone, select the timezone you'd like to work from and then click "Set Timezone"




Task Assignment Settings (Back to the Top)

The next setting is task assignment. You can choose to block assignments from certain members, accept all, or accept none.




New Task Defaults Setting (Back to the Top)

Having new tasks include a setting you typically use can be a huge time saver. Free members are able to save one global default, while premium members are able to save new tasks defaults for each context.





Task Table Display (Back to the Top)

The Task Table Display setting allows you to easily change what's displayed, and in what order it's displayed. To change whether a column is displayed or not simply check or uncheck the column name. To change the order that a column displays click and drag the column name to where you'd like it to be displayed.

Free members can change defaults for contexts globally. Premium members can change this setting for each context.

task table defaults



Task Filter (Back to the Top)

The task filter setting lets you specify which tasks are displayed by default. Free members are able to globally change these settings for all contexts. Premium members can change defaults on a context by context basis.


task filter default



Assigning Tasks (Back to the Top)

Assigning tasks to other people, both members and non members has been designed to be very simple. When creating a new task you can assign it to a member or nonmember, and members are able to "accept" newly delegated tasks. When the task is marked as complete by the person doing the work, you'll see it as complete on your side as well.


To assign to another member enter the task information and then in the "Assign To" field select "A Taskenstein.com Member". Enter the person's username:

assign task to member



The Taskenstein member will see that they've been assigned a new task:

new assigned task



When they click on that task they'll be able to accept or deny the task:

assigned task accept or deny



If they choose to accept they'll be able to categorize it:

assigned task accept and categorize



After the task has been completed by the assignee:

Assigned task completed assignee view


It'll show up as completed on the assigner's side:


Delegated Task Completed Assigner View



Quadrant (Back to the Top)

By clicking on "Show in Quadrants" the current view will be displayed in a table showing tasks grouped by urgency and importants.

show quadrants

This is a very powerfull tool that helps you keep focused on your important tasks. Here's an example of what the quadrant looks like:


Task Quadrant


Sorting Tasks (Back to the Top)

Taskenstein has very easy to use yet powerfull sorting features. You can sort on any displayed column by clicking on the column to sort on. Additionally, you can change the sort order (ascending or descending) by clicking on the column again. You can also choose to sort on multiple columns simply click on the next column you'd like to sort on by clicking on it as well.

In the example below, we're sorting on Importance first, followed by due date, followed by task name.

Sorting Tasks


To remove the sorting option click on the number for that colum. The arrow below shows where to click to remove the sort for "Importance"

Remove Sorting

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