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Motivating Yourself through Rewards

Successful Motivation through Self-Rewards
It’s not always possible to delete, defer, or delegate tasks that you don’t like. Sometimes, you get stuck with the wrong end of the stick and have a lot of work you’d rather not do. One technique to get through this is to reward yourself.
Who better to provide you with an incentive than yourself? You know what you want and value the most. When trying to find the motivation to complete these crappy your tasks, self-incentive can go quite a long way. Some ways that you can reward yourself include:

• Treat yourself to a fancy dinner you have been wanting lately
• Treat yourself to some Starbucks
• Get that new video game you’ve wanted for a while
• Take a quick walk

Yeah, rewards  aren’t always expensive, and can often be so basic that others may wonder what your point is, but what does matter is how effective it is at getting you through your tasks.
Rewards Are Nothing New
Rewards are used within the largest of corporations in order to increase morale and motivation of employees. It is only natural that self-incentive is going to give you something to be glad to work towards, something you are working for, and a reason to really strive to get your tasks done. Sometimes knowing what you’ll get at the end makes the little annoyances disappear.

We've shared a few ways of rewarding yourself,  how do you reward yourself for getting things done?

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