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Succeed by Battling Burnout

You've used the Five Mighty D's, you've identified your High Value Tasks, but you don't seem to be able to be able to get things done. What's going on? It could be that your suffering from burnout!

What is burnout?

Is this you? Maybe you need a better way to manage your tasks!

Is this you? Maybe you need a better way to manage your tasks!

Burnout is adrenal fatigue, and can be caused by repeated stress. Work is one of the most common causes of burnout and some of the symptoms of burnout include:

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Missing more work than normal
  3. Being less effective at work

This means that burnout can have a pretty big impact on your life.

What causes burnout?

There are many causes for burnout, but some of  most common related causes are:

  1. Unclear goals
  2. Impossible goals
  3. No "down time"
  4. Lack of control
  5. Poor communication

How do I battle burnout?

When you have no "down time " and are always in "crunch mode" to complete tasks it can cause burnout fairly quickly. In order to prevent burnout, or help you recover from it, you can take a few simple steps.  They are:

  1. Stop completing tasks that "sap" or "steal" your energy
  2. Build in downtime to your schedule
  3. Delegate your tasks and errands
  4. Exercise

Getting rid of tasks that steal your energy can be one of the easiest things to do. If you're not able to delete them, you can possibly delay them, or at least diminish them. Additionally, you should look at all of your tasks on your list, and see if you really need to be the person to do that task. Many times we hold onto work because we think we can do it better.

Building downtime into your schedule may sound harder than it truely is. Frequent short breaks have been shown to increase productivity. Taking a few minutes every 30 minutes or so can help you focus, and get through that long task list quickly.

Finally, exercise has been shown in many studies to have positive benefits on productivity. If you're suffering from burnout it can help you bounce back by giving you something to feel good about. If you've set a personal best in a physical related goal, it will give you a "win" even when other things are going poorly.

Taskenstein.com was made to help you battle burnout by easily tracking your tasks,  delegating tasks, and getting more tasks done by providing focus on what's important.  Improved control of your tasks can certainly help you avoid, or bounce back from burnout!

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