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Knockout Your Tasks by Using the Five Mighty D’s

Facing a mean task list?

What are the Five Mighty D's?  They're Delete, Delegate, Defer, Diminish and Do. Using the D's will keep you off the ropes. Here's how to use them:


Is this really work that needs to be done? If nothing is done will any important outputs change? Does it impact my goals? Will this impact any of my well defined outcomes? If the answer is no, then don't do anything with it! Knock it off your list and move on!

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then move on to the second D.

Knock Out Your Tasks

Knock Out Your Tasks with the Five Mighty D's


Is this something that I need to do? Many of us Type A control freaks want to do everything ourselves, when it really can be delegated. If you're a manager this is what you should be doing with a LOT of your work. You don't have to go toe to toe with every task. Delegate it if you can, otherwise move on to the third D.


Can this task wait? If you wait, will it possibly go away? If you do the work now, will it possibly need to be redone later? If you said yes you should defer this work for review later. It's important to not be in firefighting mode, but doing work before it's necessary can actually cost you large amounts of time. If you can't defer it, move on to the fourth D.


Do you really need to do as much work as it seems? Do you know the real outcomes from this task? If you said "no" you may be able to cut a large amount of work out of this task. Perhaps someone asked for a 10 page report on something, when they really just want a quick update. Knowing how to Diminish a task can help you roll with the punches when the other D's have failed you. Can't Diminish it? Then move on to the final D!


When all else fails Do is the pound for pound best "D".  After you've Deleted, Delegated, Defered, Diminished, sometimes you just need to do work.! Hands up, chin down, and make it happen!

Final Round!

Used correctly you can knockout your task lists quickly with the Five Mighty D's. If you think you'll need help with the fifth D, check out some of our other posts for motivational strategies and productivity techniques.

Taskenstein.com has been built with the Five Mighty D's in mind. You can easily delegate, defer, and do work, putting the hurt on your tasks and making you the undisputed champ of productivity!

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