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Focusing on Easy Victories

Easy Victories Can Help You with Successful Task Completion
Have you ever had several tasks to complete, but looked at them all as a group? You don’t really appreciate the completion of just one task because you are bunching all your tasks together, decreasing the value of just one victory. You don’t want to lose your aspect of value in the completion of one task as it can demotivate you greatly as you seek out completion of all tasks you may have.
Motivation is a key element of successful task completion, and motivating yourself is highly essential to your success. Easy victories can be a prime method of ensuring that you remain on track and motivated to keep going. Although tasks may be your responsibility, it is easy to let them slide back due to demotivating factors. Focusing on Easy Tasks First

What are Easy Victories?
An easy victory is the completion of a simple or smaller task. As you complete the task, you know it was easy, but the victory is going to motivate you to do more. Just like anything else you may do in life, if you get an easy win, you are going to want to go for the gold much more than without these easy victories. An easy victory could be even just the preparation to complete tasks by creating a schedule or some sort, which can be so simple, but so motivating.
Easy victories are just your way of setting milestones that are easy to pass and can keep you going. Treating the completion of one task as just a part of your overall total tasks can greatly overwhelm you as you think of all that you have left to do. However, if you do have a very large task that requires various steps, small victories could be the completion of various elements of your overall task.

Small victories are great victories and worth a great deal in terms of motivation. There aren’t many people that are going to take on a great deal without setting small victories for themselves to stay on track and motivated to do it all.

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