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Updated Features for September-Change Log

Taskenstein.comWe're pleased to announce several new features to make your to do's easier to manage. Here's the Change log for September:
Change Log
  • Add new task now has simpler tab order to make creating tasks faster
  • New Shortcuts for task due dates
    • use “d” to indicates days ex:
      • 1d would be due 1 day from the current date
    • use ‘w” to indicate weeks for example:
      • 3w would be due 3 weeks from the current date
  • Deleting tasks now easier
  • User Guide has been created and published at www.taskenstein.com/guide.php
  • Quick overview video of site has been created and is viewable on the homepage or upon logging in for the first time
  • Blog has been created at www.taskenstein.com/blog
  • Interface options for recurring tasks have been made easier
  • Deleting multiple tasks now easier
  • Tasks not marked as important are now by default marked as “Not Important”


  • Fixed Several Javascript related bugs for Chrome
  • Updated several formatting and layout settings
  • Simplified username and password length requirements

We have more features coming, but if you'd like to see something specific please email support[at]taskenstein.com

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