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Success by Momentum

Another strategy for getting more done is the "Success by momentum" technique. It's really rather simple to execute. Take your to do list, and do the simplest, easiest thing on it first. Ideally it should be something that doesn't require coordination, and can be "done" quickly. I personally like to use this technique when I've been interrupted (it happens) and need to get things flowing again. By forcing myself to look at my sheet for a few simple items, I stay away from my distractions (email) and get that feeling of satisfaction that comes from having checked a few things off of my list.

Another time that this is good to use is in the afternoon when you naturally start to slow down. I take a quick break and take a brisk walk, then come back and knock out a few simple tasks to get the momentum going then start tackling the hard tasks.

So what do you think, how do you use momentum to be more productive?

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