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Why'd we make Taskenstein.com?

Well, mostly it was because we had too many things to do. Sounds kind of dumb, but makes perfect sense when you've lost your yellow pad with your list of very important things to do on it. Or left it at home. Or you can't really read your hand writing. There were lots of good reasons to move our tasks to electronic formats. Thing is, after looking at tons of other sites and tools, nothing sucked less than that yellow pad. We've tried to make Taskenstein suck less, an admirable goal indeed.

Another reason was asking other people to do things for you. Sure, you asked them, but if you're the responsible one at the end of the day, you need to have a way to easily tell when it's done, and have a "due date" that let's you easily know when to follow up. You can assign tasks to members and non-members via email.

Simple, Web Based Task Management. We're building more time saving things into Taskenstein, because really, WE want to use them. Let us know what you think. To find out more about what's going on check out our blog here.

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